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  • Brian Finoro

    "Calming Presence and Extensive Knowledge"

    We just closed on a 6-plex in SW Edmonton with Kevin Rohoman from Alberta on Fire as our Realtor. Kevin was amazing to work with, from the initial opportunity presentation to the final close of the property, and everything in between. Kevin was always available to address any concerns we had along the way, and with his calming presence and extensive knowledge of the process, he was able to keep us calm and explain things in a way that we just knew that everything was going to turn out great. I would highly recommend Kevin and the Alberta On Fire team, and will definitely use him again for my next Edmonton area property.

  • Pete A. and Bessie A.

    "Very Responsive"

    We just closed on our first rental property with Chelsea at Alberta on Fire, who was an absolute pleasure to work with! Chelsea was very responsive with all the questions we had, and was of great help in referring us to a knowledgeable and experienced property manager to ensure we’re set up for success!

  • Nicole Alonzi, Investor

    "Instrumental In Helping Us"

    Chelsea has been instrumental in helping us learn about the Edmonton market. After reviewing the options available to us, we are very confident in our decision to work with the Alberta on Fire Investor Team. They have all been amazing through this process.

  • Dawn Dalke, Investor

    "Support, Knowledge and Professionalism"

    It has been a pleasure working with the Alberta On Fire team. This is our first time purchasing an 8 plex so their support, knowledge and professionalism have made this transaction smooth and enjoyable. Luc and Kellen have been very responsive to all communication and have kept us up to date along the way. I would highly recommend using them.

  • Michael C., Calgary, Alberta, Investor

    "Working with this team is a NO BRAINER"

    “I just recently closed my first investment property working with Luc Cote and his team and I am blown away. Luc has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. It is not very often you get to work with someone that exceeds your expectations. Everything he promised he delivered on. He has also been incredibly responsive to all communications and provided support from start to finish. Working with Luc and his team is a no brainer and I will definitely be doing more deals with him in the future!”

  • Chris Carlton, Investor

    "Red Carpet treatment from Alberta On Fire Investor Team!"

    We received the Red Carpet treatment from Alberta On Fire Investor Teams own Chelsea Foster. She made our first purchase in Edmonton happen. It was Poetry in Motion!

  • Brenden S., Investor

    "My first investment property was an exceptional experience!"

    Working with Chelsea Foster to find my first investment property was an exceptional experience. She was very knowledgeable and straight forward through the whole process, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an investment property.

  • Shayna B, Homebuyer

    If we ever move again I know who my first call will be!

    Working with Chelsea was amazing every step of the way! Through selling and buying she was always ready with an answer to every one of my million questions.There were so many times when I would have been panicked had Chelsea not been there to calmly walk me through things. She is extremely knowledgeable and honest about the market value with month to month changes. If we ever move again I know who my first call will be!

  • Clayton L., Investor

    "Professional and Detail Oriented..."

    Chelsea Foster and the team at Alberta On Fire Investor Team is not only professional and detail oriented but also very personable. I recently bought my first rental property with Chelsea's help. Chelsea's patience and persistence to help through the process made it an enjoyable experience. I would recommend Chelsea for anyone looking for a outstanding realtor in Edmonton area.

  • Cory W., Investor

    "Helped me through the entire process!"

    "Buying my first rental property with Chelsea has been a superb experience! During the showings she was simple and straight forward focusing on information and facts (instead of trying to sell me an experience) and very easy to communicate with. She helped me through the entire process, again my first investment property and also out of my home province. The cashflow sheets she puts together are awesome and help to crunch the numbers to see what works. She assisted me with recommendations for property management and insurance companies which were both excellent choices that I ended up using."

  • Colleen M., Investor

    6-Plex Fully Rented Upon Possession!

    "I worked with Warren and his team to purchase my 6-Plex in March 2020 it was fully rented upon possession! I had a great experience working with the Alberta On Fire Investor Team on this purchase."

  • Fred and Chantelle Wright

    Professional, Experienced, Pleasant and Timely!

    Doing a real estate transaction with Chelsea Foster and the team at Alberta On Fire Investor Team brings to mind a few words, professional, experienced, pleasant and timely. They brought these qualities to the table to ensure the transaction was smooth and successful! It's reassuring to know this team have your best interests in mind.

  • Michael Presaud and Natalie Sang, Investor

    Knowledgeable, Dependable and Honest!

    Being new to real estate investment, the thought of investing in rental properties was daunting. All that changed with a chanced phone call I received from Chelsea Foster with Alberta on Fire Investor Team. She had presented an opportunity to enter the world of real estate investment. After speaking to her for about ten to fifteen minutes, I said I will think about it. It became real for me and of course the fear of "risking" so much money on something I new nothing about was overwhelming. Chelsea followed up with a phone call a few days later to see what I thought. After speaking with her some more, I made the decision to invest in our first property in 2018. That was nine months ago, and we are currently working with Chelsea on our next property. We are a lot more confident and knowledgeable about real estate investment, because we were fortunate to have the support of Chelsea. We have met quite a few people in this business whom have offered advise and suggestions, but I found Chelsea to be very supportive and invested in helping us build our future in real estate. We found her to be very knowledgeable, dependable and honest. With our first investment, Chelsea walked us through the process step by step, helping us with contacts (ie. Lawyers, property managers etc.) and acting as our advocate between us and the builder. Fear is something that stops most of us from pursing our goals, but finding someone that has your interest at heart can be invaluable. To anyone who is pursing Real Estate investment, I would highly recommend Chelsea Foster. With Chelsea, you will find someone who will be be there for you every step of the way, no questions asked. Ten months later, and three properties invested, we couldn't have found a better partner in Chelsea.

  • Brett Donald, Investor

    Helped US Find Cash Flowing Property!

    As someone who isn't local and was new to investing in Alberta, I needed a realtor who could give direction and be on the ground to ensure my purchase would go smoothly and meet my goals. Kevin, with the help of the Alberta on Fire team, helped us devise a plan and find a cash flowing property. He was hardworking, available, and willing to go the extra mile. I plan to find another deal with him.

  • K & A Williams, Investor

    Great Asset On Our Investment Journey!

    Kevin Rohoman has been a great asset in on our Investment journey, he was awesome at helping us explore the Edmonton market. As investors, we knew what we were looking for, it helped to have Kevin’s expert knowledge on our side, to show the many opportunities Edmonton has to offer, helping us smoothly through the buying process, always offering alternatives and solutions to ensure we were successful in acquiring a property that surpassed our original expectations. In addition, he continued to support of us throughout the entire process. Always sharing ideas on how to build our real estate business and expand ourselves through networking with other real estate investors.

  • Stephanie Wood, Investor

    Knowledgeable, Patient and Thorough

    I have known Chelsea Foster for 18 months now. Chelsea is an exceptional realtor. She is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. I am relatively new to investment properties and Chelsea has walked me through every step of my first investment purchase. She goes above and beyond, providing superior service. Chelsea stays connected with her clients and continues to provide help and advice when requested, long after the sale is completed. She is quick to respond to any questions I have and I am fully confident in her abilities. We are using Chelsea to help us find a new personal residence, as well as additional investment properties. I look forward to a long relationship with Chelsea and the team at Alberta on Fire.

  • Sebastian Lang, Investor

    "Key Factor to Success..."

    I worked with Alberta on Fire on buying and selling a property. In both instances they were a key factor to a successful outcome and win-win situations for all involved parties. All interactions were extremely quick and professional. Especially when we sold an investment property in a slow market, Warren was extremely valuable and we had a deal within a few days. I would 100% recommend Alberta on Fire to anybody that is interested in investment properties.

  • Regan and Charity Edser

    Saved Us a lot of...Unnecessary Guessing

    We knew we were ready to buy an income property, but didnt know exactly what type would be right for us. After to meeting with Warren, he found what suited us best and we had an accepted offer on a property in a few short days. Warren saved us a lot of time and much unnecessary guessing. All people that start out investing in real estate are very different. That was the approach that they used at our first meeting. They listened to our situation and tailored solutions in a way that didn't feel like it was a carbon copy of someone before us." As first time real estate investors, the Alberta On Fire team showed us that there are many ways other than conventional lending to get involved in real estate. They really removed any apprehensiveness we had and have given us the confidence to reach and plan to exceed goals that we once felt were unobtainable.

  • Kelly Baxter, Investor, Coquitlam, BC

    "What you do works! I would recommend A hundred times over!"

    The Alberta On Fire team gave me all the tools I needed to make the right decisions about my investment properties in the Edmonton area. They answered all of my questions thoroughly and honestly as well as supported me through the more stressful times.

  • David Eng, Investor, Vancouver, BC

    "The Alberta On Fire team were instrumental with dealing with our myriad concerns and doubts"

    Warren, and the entire team have done an amazing job in helping my JV partner Kevin and I invest in the Edmonton area. Since we're from Vancouver, we had our reservations about investing out of province. However, the Alberta On Fire team were instrumental with dealing with our myriad concerns and doubts. First, they provided a tour of Edmonton and helped us understand the types and locations of properties that would cash flow and make wise investments. From there, Warren's been a great base of knowledge and expertise while locating specific properties and helping us secure their purchase. He also helped us with the critical step of finding a great property management team. As a result, we've purchased two properties over the last three months and both have tenants signed to year long leases before we even took possession! And this was over the winter no less. Given this success, we've been very pleased with our investing experiences and look forward to working with Warren and the team again.

  • Gary and Lilla Ludwig,Investors,New Westminster,BC

    " We appreciate your professionalism and expertise...

    We wanted to thank you for being instrumental in finding our second property and for your facilitating the entire experience. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise. The property is now rented and cash-flowing very nicely!

  • Anil and Simmi Wadhera, Investors, Ottowa, ON

    "The entire process was unbelievably quick and easy..."

    Warren and his team were instrumental in helping us purchase our investment properties in Edmonton. They are extremely knowledgeable about the Edmonton real estate market. The entire process was unbelievably quick and easy!! We really appreciate the fact that they are always very prompt in answering any of our questions. We have complete confidence in them and would highly recommend their team to anyone who wants to purchase great cash flowing properties with confidence and ease.

  • Jim MacDonald, Investor, Kelowna, BC

    "Warren is a good listener...He helped me make good purchase decisions that fit my goals..."

    In the past few years I have been burned by some professionals in the financial service industry. My ability to trust any advice had been tested. Before meeting Warren, I was focused on and acquired fixer-up duplexes in the inner city. Warren helped me crunch the numbers and see it differently. Newer suburban duplexes was a better fit with me managing the properties from a distance. Of my six doors, those inner city doors are my biggest headache. Warren is a good listener and he did not try to impose an agenda on me. He helped me make good purchase decisions that fit my goals and current lifestyle. I trust Warren.

  • Shelly Butt, Investor/REALTOR, Georgetown, ON

    "They really take the guess work out of real estate investing."

    The AOF team made purchasing both of my investment properties very easy. They are prompt to respond to any questions or concerns and are extremely knowledgeable and are experts in the Edmonton market. AOF's cash-flow work sheets are spot-on in terms of how the numbers really pan out. I also loved the pre-analyzed properties that AOF mails out on a regular basis. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Alberta On Fire team to any of my friends or clients. They really take the guess work out of real estate investing. I would use their services again in a heartbeat!

  • Darrell Lu, Investor, Sherwood Park, AB

    "Warren was great... he knows what I want..."

    The biggest advantage in working with the AOF investor team was their knowledge on the local Edmonton market. I found that the biggest obstacle was the time spent finding a deal. Warren was great at helping me overcome this. He knows what I want and filters the houses first before giving me a few options to choose from. I would definitely recommend them to others. Bring more deals!

  • Jane Logan, Investor, Toronto,ON

    "Absolutely no way we would have purchased this house in a matter of a few days without you."

    Warren and team, Thank you very much ... for the incredible guidance you provided ... I am reading, "The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada", and realized there is absolutely no way we would have purchased this house in a matter of a few days without you. To quote Don, "without the team, I'm sunk." Hope to see you in Edmonton in the coming months.

  • Justin Chung, Investor, Toronto, ON

    "Couldn't have done it without you!"

    Warren and the AOF team, Thank you so much for all your help in helping me secure my first property in Leduc. I'm appreciative of all the work you have done and look forward to adding many more with the help of your team! Couldn't have done it without you!!

  • Mark George, Investor, Vancouver, BC

    "An amazing job of analyzing properties for cash flow"

    I chose the AOF team as my REALTORS® in Edmonton to assist me with my first investment property purchase. They are very knowledgeable, efficient and great to work with. They did a great job of walking me through the process of my first purchase and answered any questions I had. I gave them the frame work of what I was after (Price range, type of property, area) and within a few hours I had a list of the best properties in my range. They do an amazing job of analyzing properties for cash flow and presents out the info using an easy to follow spread sheet. I ended up buying a property in NW Edmonton that was recommended by them, and after just more than a year it is a great performer that has produced positive cash flow from day 1 and will be part of my portfolio for a long time. Thanks to their support and hard work I was able to do all of this long distance from my home in Vancouver. Thank you for making my first purchase smooth, enjoyable and exciting.

  • Brian Pederson, Investor, British Columbia

    "First Person I Call"

    My experience working with the AOF team has been excellent! As a first time investor, they helped make the process so easy. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and takes the time to share it. They will also be completely honest with you. I have now purchased 4 homes with them and they are the first company I call when I am looking for a property in Edmonton.

  • Nick Derksen, Investor, British Columbia

    "Quickly Risen to Top of my List...Everything I Need"

    "I have used a few REALTORS® before but the AOF team have very quickly risen to the top of my list. With living in a different province and just starting my investment portfolio, they have been able to offer me everything I need. A few of those items are: 1. An unbiased opinion of the properties that I am interested in. 2. A helping hand when working out the minor details when buying properties out of province. 3. A successful approach to buying and holding real estate. I would recommend them to anyone interested in starting a sound real estate portfolio. Open Video Testimonial

  • Marianne Malo Chenard, Investor, Edmonton, AB

    "Years of Experience as an Investor Himself...with No Nonsense Approach

    The AOF team and I first chatted on a Monday. By Thursday afternoon my husband and I had an offer submitted on a potential revenue property. Friday evening, we celebrated our offer's acceptance. A few weeks later, we celebrated an accepted offer on a second revenue property. This is how quickly things can move with them if you know what your goals are. If you have a fairly good idea of what you need to get there, so much the better. Their years of experience as investor themselves, combined with his no-nonsense approach, add tremendous value to his service. We have greatly appreciated their insight, their honesty and the extra mile they go in order to ensure that our investment needs are met. We look forward to adding to our portfolio with their guidance.

  • Rod Bellamy, Investor, Vancouver, BC

    "Knowledgeable Investors"

    'This letter is in support of Alberta Real Estate Opportunities Inc.. I have had the pleasure of dealing with them several times over the past year and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services...these knowledgeable investors run their company with a high level of expertise and integrity, and given the opportunity I will gladly use their services again.' - Rod Bellamy, Investor,


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